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Welcome to FileCR, your ultimate destination for downloading HolzShots 1.1.1 . This powerful software is available for full version free download, including torrent and pre-activated options, so you can access premium features without the need for a license. Download now and experience the convenience and reliability of HolzShots available. All collection of  Browsers and Plugins.


HolzShots is a lightweight and efficient screenshot utility designed to capture and share screenshots quickly and easily. It offers a variety of capture modes and basic editing tools, making it a convenient tool for both personal and professional use. Full Download: Google Chrome.

File Size:

3.09 MB



Release Date:

Dec 27, 2021


  • Multiple Capture Modes: Allows users to capture the entire screen, a specific window, or a selected region, providing flexibility for different screenshot needs.
  • Instant Sharing: Includes options to upload screenshots to the cloud and share them instantly via a link, email, or social media.
  • Basic Editing Tools: Provides basic editing tools such as cropping, drawing, and adding text to enhance screenshots before sharing.
  • Hotkeys Support: Supports customizable hotkeys for quick access to different screenshot modes, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Clipboard Integration: Automatically copies captured screenshots to the clipboard for easy pasting into documents, emails, or chat applications.
  • Annotation Tools: Includes annotation tools to highlight, underline, or add notes to screenshots, making it easier to convey information.
  • File Format Options: Allows saving screenshots in various file formats such as PNG, JPEG, and BMP, offering flexibility in file usage.
  • Lightweight: Designed to be lightweight and consume minimal system resources, ensuring it runs smoothly without slowing down your computer.
  • User-friendly Interface: Features a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to capture and manage screenshots.
  • Free Updates: Provides free updates to ensure users always have access to the latest features and improvements.



Bits Availability:

32-bit and 64-bit


HolzShots is available for Windows operating systems in 64-bit versions. Download the software from the link available here or trusted sources to ensure safety and reliability. Other software of same categories can be find here.

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