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Welcome to FileCR, your ultimate destination for downloading Windows PE XP Live. This powerful software is available for full version free download, including torrent and pre-activated options, so you can access premium features without the need for a license. Download now and experience the convenience and reliability of Name available. All collection of Rescue CD.


Windows PE XP Live is a specialized preinstallation environment based on Windows XP, designed for system deployment, maintenance, and recovery tasks. It provides a bootable platform for managing Windows XP installations and troubleshooting system issues. Full Download: Postbox

File Size:

250 MB


Microsoft Corporation

Release Date:

10, May 2024


  • Bootable Environment: Windows PE XP Live is bootable from external media such as USB drives or CDs/DVDs, allowing users to run it directly without booting into the installed operating system.
  • Compatibility: Specifically tailored for Windows XP systems, ensuring compatibility with older hardware configurations.
  • Deployment Tools: Includes deployment tools for efficiently deploying Windows XP images across networks or to multiple machines.
  • Troubleshooting Utilities: Equipped with diagnostic and repair utilities to troubleshoot common system issues during deployment or operation.
  • Disk Management: Provides tools for disk partitioning, formatting, and management to efficiently manage storage.
  • Networking Support: Integrated with network drivers and utilities for troubleshooting and configuring network connections.
  • Scripting Capabilities: Supports scripting to automate deployment and maintenance tasks, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Remote Management: Enables remote management and administration of systems from a centralized console, facilitating system maintenance tasks.
  • Customization Options: Users can customize the environment by adding additional drivers, utilities, and scripts to meet specific deployment requirements.
  • Security Features: Includes security tools and options for securing the environment and system deployments, ensuring data integrity and protection.


Windows XP

Bits Availability:



Name is available for Windows operating systems in 32-bit versions. Download the software from the link available here or trusted sources to ensure safety and reliability. Other software of same categories can be find here.

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Windows PE XP Live
Windows PE XP Live

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