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Welcome to FileCR, your ultimate destination for downloading Max Uninstaller This powerful software is available for full version free download, including torrent and pre-activated options, so you can access premium features without the need for a license. Download now and experience the convenience and reliability of Max Uninstaller available. All collection of System Utilities and Tools.


Max Uninstaller is a comprehensive software uninstallation utility designed to remove unwanted programs and applications from Windows-based computers completely. It provides users with a straightforward solution to uninstalling software, ensuring that all associated files, folders, and registry entries are thoroughly removed from the system. Full Download: Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Complete Uninstallation: Completely removes unwanted programs and applications from the computer, including leftover files, folders, and registry entries.
  • Force Uninstall: Allows users to forcibly uninstall stubborn or hard-to-remove programs that cannot be removed through the standard uninstallation process.
  • Batch Uninstall: Supports batch uninstallation of multiple programs simultaneously, saving time and effort for users with multiple software installations.
  • Clean Interface: Features a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use the uninstallation tools effectively.
  • Backup and Restore: Provides backup and restore features that allow users to create backup copies of the system before uninstalling programs, ensuring that they can restore the system to a previous state if needed.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitors software installations in real-time, allowing users to track changes made to the system during the installation process and revert them if necessary.
  • Registry Cleaner: Includes a registry cleaner tool that scans and removes invalid registry entries related to uninstalled programs, helping to improve system performance and stability.
  • Startup Manager: Allows users to manage startup programs and services, enabling them to control which programs launch automatically when the computer starts up.
  • System Restore Point Creation: Creates system restore points before uninstalling programs, providing users with a safety net in case of accidental deletion or system instability.
  • Regular Updates: Regularly updated by the developers to incorporate new features, improvements, and bug fixes, ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and software applications.



Bits Availability:

32-bit and 64-bit


Max Uninstaller is available for Windows operating systems in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Download the software from the link available here or trusted sources to ensure safety and reliability. Other software of same categories can be find here.

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Max Uninstaller
Max Uninstaller

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