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Adobe Photoshop CC is a powerful raster graphics editor offering advanced tools for digital image editing and compositing. With its versatile features, it enables precise manipulation and enhancement of images for professional-grade results. This version represents an update to Adobe’s flagship software, delivering enhanced functionality and performance. Full Download: Autodesk Inventor Nastran.

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  • Advanced Editing Tools: Adobe Photoshop CC offers a comprehensive set of advanced editing tools for precise manipulation of digital images. This includes tools for cropping, rotating, resizing, and adjusting image parameters like exposure, contrast, and saturation.
  • Layer-Based Editing: Photoshop is renowned for its powerful layer-based editing capabilities. Users can work with multiple layers to create complex compositions, apply non-destructive edits, and organize elements within a project.
  • Selection Tools: Photoshop provides a variety of selection tools, such as the Marquee, Lasso, and Magic Wand tools, which allow users to isolate and manipulate specific areas of an image with precision.
  • Brushes and Tools: The software offers an extensive collection of brushes, pencils, pens, and other tools for painting, drawing, and retouching. Users can customize brush settings and create their own custom brushes for unique effects.
  • Filters and Effects: Photoshop includes a wide range of filters, effects, and adjustments that users can apply to their images to enhance or stylize them. This includes blur, sharpen, distort, artistic filters, and more.
  • Text Editing: Users can add and format text layers with a wide range of fonts, styles, and effects directly within Photoshop. Text layers can be manipulated like any other layer, allowing for easy integration of text into designs and compositions.
  • Smart Objects: Smart Objects are reusable, non-destructive layers that preserve the original content of an image or object. They enable users to apply transformations, filters, and adjustments to an object without permanently changing its pixels.
  • Camera RAW Support: Photoshop provides robust support for editing RAW image files directly from digital cameras. Users can access advanced controls for adjusting exposure, white balance, clarity, and more, while maintaining maximum image quality and detail.
  • Content-Aware Fill: This feature allows users to seamlessly remove unwanted objects or fill in missing areas of an image with intelligent content-aware technology. It analyzes the surrounding pixels to generate realistic replacements automatically.
  • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe Photoshop CC seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom. This enables a unified creative workflow, with seamless file sharing and collaboration between different Adobe software tools.


Windows and macOS

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32-bit and 64-bit


Adobe Photoshop CC is available for Windows operating systems in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Download the software from the link available here or trusted sources to ensure safety and reliability. Other software of same categories can be find here.

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Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop CC

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